Infant Incubator Basic Principles and Safe Use

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Infant incubator basic principles and safe use

Chen Min     Zhu Yaxuan

(Kunming General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, Kunming 650032, China)

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Infant incubator for premature infants, low birth weight children, critically ill children, neonatal to provide a similar maternal uterus culture environment, the equipment can also be used for infant temperature recovery, infusion, rescue, hospital observation and other occasions. Because the baby's own resistance is very weak, which requires the incubator has a stable performance, can provide a more close to the mother's uterus, the environment is more conducive to the health of the baby. Medical staff to understand the basic working principle in order to correct the operation and use, the instrument performance can be greater play.

1, the basic principles of infant incubator

At present, there are many manufacturers of incubators on the market, the basic principles are similar, most of the use of "convection heat regulation" approach to provide an air purification, temperature and humidity suitable for good environment, the use of computer technology incubator temperature Temperature) the implementation of servo control, boot can automatically enter the box temperature control. Temperature control instrument is the core components of the instrument, with temperature settings, real-time temperature monitoring and other functions, when the medical staff in the set temperature can continue to monitor the temperature inside the box. The machine requires a good quiet effect during opening operation and changing the crib angle so that the medical staff will not affect the baby to rest or awaken the baby during the nursing and effectively reduce the energy metabolism of the baby.

Incubator need to have a reliable fault alarm system to achieve the power, box temperature, skin temperature and duct is smooth monitoring, if any of the indicators beyond the allowable range should be sound and light alarm, prompting the attention of the guardian. When the medical staff found that the incubator alarm should immediately terminate the baby's training, the baby moved to a safe place to ensure the safety of the baby, and immediately notify the professional service engineers to repair the instrument, only when the failure to completely exclude can continue to use.

Incubator AC220V power supply, must strictly abide by the principle of single-phase three-wire system to ensure a good grounding, the instrument is generally equipped with a network interface with a baby care network system for infant incubator special socket.

2, safe use

The working condition of the incubator is related to the safety of the baby, and the medical staff should be very careful when using it. Before use, the system should carefully check the various functions.

(1) the power to interrupt the alarm function of the inspection: the baby during the training process in case of power failure, will lead to rapid temperature changes in the box, endangering the baby's life. Before using this function must be checked, disconnect the incubator and AC220V power supply connection, open the temperature controller power switch after the instrument should be power-off alarm, turn off the power switch after the alarm will automatically eliminate. Power failure alarm is powered by the battery, in normal use, the system will automatically charge the battery, the battery has a certain period of use, the battery should be replaced by the time limit.

(2) the temperature control device inspection: temperature control instrument is through the sensor, fan and heating tube to complete the baby cabin air heating and recycling, no matter which parts of the damage will directly affect the baby's environment. Turn on the AC220V power, turn on the humidity controller power switch, set the box temperature indicator light, set the temperature display flashing display box temperature control default value of 32 ℃, if not any operation, the instrument automatically into the box temperature control, real-time temperature The display window shows the real-time box temperature.

(3) over-temperature alarm function of the inspection, incubators are generally equipped with a set of temperature control device independent of the over-temperature alarm system for the temperature controller failure, the temperature monitoring of the box, this measure greatly Improve the safety and reliability of the incubator. Check, in the box temperature control state, the set value is set at 36 ℃, into the constant temperature, followed by fast press and subtract, when the set temperature display window does not display, indicating the temperature controller into the over-temperature test state, this When the heating power indicator light all. About 10min, the instrument should appear over-temperature alarm. Press the reset button, over-temperature alarm is over, the instrument returns to working condition.

(4) Check the fan alarm: When the instrument is working, press the "fan stop" test button with the finger to reduce or stop the rotation speed of the fan, the fan alarm indicator should be on and the alarm sound will appear.

After checking the various functions are confirmed, according to your doctor set the parameters of the machine into the preheat state, the instrument heating time is generally 45min or so, but the warm-up time is generally required to reach the temperature of 2h box to achieve balance, Before the baby can be cultured. It is not correct to start the incubation of the infant when the instrument shows that the real-time temperature has reached the set value.

The incubator must be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, disinfected (at least once a week during use), and some components cleaned and disassembled after completion of the incubation of each infant.

Infant incubator is related to the baby's culture effects and safety, must be standardized in the use of operation, to prevent accidents.