The Seventieth China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo Exhibition Booth Design Bid Notice

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1, booth number ME19, an area of 180 square meters, 6 meters high, 12 meters wide, 15 meters deep into the West and north sides and other stand close to the East and south sides of the channel.

2, the requirements of the double structure, the bottom for the sample area, the two floor for the rest area and negotiate area (preferably divided into domestic customers and international customer area). At the bottom of wood (composite) floor, open vision, each sample covers an area of about 0.6 square meters, 1.5 meters high ---2 meters; the other is a focus of exhibits, an area of about 12 square meters; a small product, 3 meters long, 1 meters wide, 1.2 meters high, under the table do lockers. About 20 samples, each sample is required to provide power outlet power, 500 watts per unit. The two floor carpet, drinking machine to a reception desk, 1 (bottled water), 8 table with (each table with 4 chairs). One of the underlying storage.

3, requirements of the overall effect of the booth style, bright, exquisite workmanship, the company logo prominent, obvious. The main colors are white, blue, visual effect is warm, highlight the characteristics of infant care equipment and the company's slogan "Love Unlimited, care for the life of the first!"

4, plants, flower pots, name card frame, trash and other facilities, responsible for cleaning garbage and sanitation during the exhibition, the exhibition period is responsible for the safe use of electricity.

5, the design of the deadline for submission of the September 18, 2013 17:00, the transmission of Posts and telecommunications to:

Contact: Zhou Wenqian

Tel: 0574-87801006, 13738882066

6, the best for the business group designated contractor.